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The Smoking Programme (with paperback manual)

The Smoking Programme (with paperback manual)

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Thrive as a non-smoker: Stop Smoking quickly and easily, without side-effects, withdrawal-symptoms, or stress.

What does the programme include?

  • The latest paperback version of Thrive as a Non-Smoker
  • Online 10-page TQ Assessment to track your progress
  • Online support with top tips and helpful video
  • Delivered worldwide by postal service

This step-by-step programme demonstrated an incredible 92.5% success rate in a recent research project – this is twice as high as the NHS stop smoking clinics.

Fully backed up by scientific research, this books presents you with the facts: empowering you with the skills, resources and skills you need in order to stop smoking in the easiest, most effective way possible.

Because Thrive as a Non-Smoker is based on the original Thrive Programme, you will also learn to 'thrive' in the process, which means developing robust mental health and high, stable self-esteem and self-confidence; as well as learning how to make the most of life while being able to face challenges head-on. Think where life will take you then!

"It's been so incredibly easy, if you want to pack up smoking, you should really give this a try!" - Paul

We advise getting The Thrive Programme Journal to support your learning: an 8-week journal you fill in daily, with exercises and prompts to keep you on track as you progress the programme.

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