The Thrive Programme Workbook for Teenagers (Danish) Laer at Trives. Thrive Programmet for børn og unge – fra 8 - 18 år

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Laer at Trives. Thrive Programmet for børn og unge – fra 8 - 18 år

Redskaber til at overvinde angst, lavt selvværd, depression mv.

The Thrive Programme® is an evidence-based training programme that teaches people the skills and resources to overcome mental health issues and learn to thrive.

Thriving people have a skill-set that makes them more robust, resilient,  and confident… they feel powerful and more in control of their lives… they are less prone to stress, anxiety or depression and they generally live longer and happier. Thriving people find it easier to resist social pressures, take more responsibility for their physical and mental health and live a more positive and active life.

The Thrive Programme® is very easy to follow, usually takes  – on average – just six weeks to complete, is accessible to all people of all ages, and the results are measurable and predictable.

This teenager’s edition of the workbook, based on the best-selling Thrive Programme Workbook, has been developed by Rob Kelly for anyone, aged 8 -18 years old, in need of the knowledge and insights to create lasting change and take control of their lives. This is the Danish version of the 'Thrive Programme for Teenagers' book.