The Thrive Programme Online - (Teenagers edition)

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This is the main Thrive Programme book/manual for TEENAGERS

Included in this pack:

  • Online TQ Assessment - giving you a full (12 page)breakdown of your unhelpful beliefs, attitudes, biases and thinking styles... the various components that make up your mental health
  • The latest Digital version of the Thrive (adult) manual/book
  • 2 support videos
  • Thrive Programme Q and A

---  You can access all the course materials on your phone, tablet and PC ---

This new, online version of the Thrive manual - the book that has helped thousands of people to overcome mental health problems and learn to thrive - has been created to make the course more accessible:

  • Latest version of the manual/book
  • Delivered direct to your laptop/pc/ipad/iphone/mobile phone within minutes
  • Study the programme wherever you are... you've always got it with you!
  • Have the programme on your phone/tablet/pc - at the same time

---  You will be emailed access within five minutes of purchase ---