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The Blip Recovery Plan

The Blip Recovery Plan

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The Blip Recovery Plan is a brand-new set of resources created specifically for recovering emetophobes who keep suffering from blips.

You are in a 'blip' if you're feeling helpless, hopeless, negative and can't see yourself ever getting over your phobia... if this describes you, then you need this plan!

Over 6 different sets of focused resources - containing new videos and exercises - the BRP will help you to understand what is causing your blips, and then create a plan to overcome them completely.

There are several different reasons why people have blips, and these include:

  • A lack of clarity on what their phobia actually is - especially in relation to their coping skills
  • They get trapped in their emotions and thinking
  • Many emetophobes were never taught how to regulate their emotions
  • Collusive 'significant other' relationships that are making it harder for them to recover completely
  • Black and White 'all or nothing thinking' that makes it very difficult to see the shades of grey... nothing in life is 'black and white' - it's all in the grey
  • Not fully understanding or applying the programme content clearly enough
  • Unhelpful thinking styles and beliefs getting in the way
  • Little perspective on just how far they have come
  • Lack of belief in their own skillset

So we have created a whole new set of advanced resources to help people already on our programme, to reduce and then overcome their blips completely.

These new resources are entitled:

  • Blips: It's a trap, don't go there!
  • The five stages of a blip
  • Understanding and applying the programme content
  • How will you know when you are emetophobia-free
  • Reducing the effects of your lenses
  • Identifying collusive relationships and reducing your responses to them
  • Preventing and recovering from a blip
  • Black and White thinking

All of the above resources are online and contain - at least one - new explainer video, and an exercise for you to complete.

Below are some clips from a few of the support/explainer videos...

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