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The Emetophobia Programme for Teenagers (with Online Manual)

The Emetophobia Programme for Teenagers (with Online Manual)

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This is a special edition for Teenagers (ages 13-16) to cure their emetophobia

Overcome a fear of throwing up with the Online Emetophobia-Free Manual for Teenagers in as little as 6 weeks.

The only proven cure for emetophobia, helping over 20,000 people beat their fear since 2014. Based on 30 years' clinical experience and research, the Online Emetophobia Manual for teenagers is the simplest, most stress-free method to conquer your fears and start thriving in life.

    The Emetophobia Programme for Teenagers includes:

    • The latest edition of The Emetophobia Manual for Teenagers
    • Available across devices
    • 6+ support video
    • In-manual quizzes
    • Comprehensive Q&A  

    We advise getting The Thrive Programme Journal to support your learning: an 8-week journal you fill in daily, with exercises and prompts to keep you on track as you progress the programme.

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