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Programme for CHILDREN - age 6 to 12

Programme for CHILDREN - age 6 to 12

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Welcome to the BRAND NEW programme created especially for Children - age 6-12.

This is the very first programme we have created especially for young children (we've had a teenagers programme for several years that we have used with younger children) and it is totally new and designed - from scratch - for 6-12 year old kids.

It is a workbook - as opposed to a manual - meaning that all the exercises are contained within it....  your child only needs this workbook, and the several support emails and videos that accompany it.  You, the parent, will need to help and support your child through their training and you will need to study the Adult Emetophobia Manual in order to do this effectively.

Meet Alma:

Alma is going to lead your child through an amazing and empowering journey, where together they will build self esteem, social confidence, self belief and a sense of power or 'agency' over their lives. They will learn to spot unhelpful beliefs and change them into empowering and helpful beliefs... particularly beliefs surrounding their fears around vomit. They'll also learn how to manage their thinking better, regulate their emotions, and manage their reactions to other people and outside stressors.
Everything your child needs to learn in order to overcome their phobia AND learn to thrive, in contained within this workbook.


Here's a quick flick through of some of the pages:

There are screenshots of several of the pages in the images section of this product - if you'd like a closer look...

As this is a workbook, it is only available as a paper version, and there are no plans to make an online version.

We hope to launch this programme around the end of May 2024

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