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Collection: Vaginismus Programme

Overcome Vaginismus with our ground-breaking 8-week programme. This is a special edition of the best-selling Thrive Programme Manual, helping women overcome vaginismus and associated symptoms, co-authored by Thrive Programme Coach® Cara Mason Bsc.

This 6-8 week programme is suitable for anyone who experiences anxiety and fear of penetration, resulting in either avoidance of it, or pain when it is attempted (also known as  dyspareunia).

Vaginismus can be an extremely distressing condition, which is why we created this specialist programme; enabling you to feel powerful and back in control of how your body responds to penetration, making enjoyable sex truly achievable. The programme is unlike any other intervention available for vaginismus.

This step-by-step guide will enlighten you about the true causes and components of vaginismus, whilst providing you with all the necessary skills and resources to resolve it once and for all.