The Emetophobia Programme for Teenagers

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Emetophobia-Free: Overcome emetophobia, enjoy great mental health and embrace life whilst feeling calm, confident and capable

This is a special edition adapted for Teenagers (ages 13-16) 

Overcome a fear of throwing up with the Emetophobia-Free Manual for Teenagers in as little as 6 weeks.

The only proven cure for emetophobia, helping over 20,000 people beat their fear since 2014. Based on 30 years' clinical experience and research, the Emetophobia Paperback Manual for teenagers is the simplest, most stress-free method to conquer your fears and start thriving in life.

    The paperback manual includes:

    • The latest version of The Emetophobia-Free Manual - for Teenagers
    • In-manual quizzes, support videos and QandA 

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    Why The Thrive Programme for Emetophobia?

    Our goal is for you to overcome your fear and start living the life you want - without feeling anxious all the time about vomiting or seeing someone else vomit.

    The step-by-step program tackles the causes of your phobia, meaning you'll be getting better just by reading the book and doing the exercises! We've helped over 20,000 emetophobes overcome their fears with this method since 2014.

    The program was created out of Rob Kelly's 30 years' clinical experience and research, breaking down the unique aspects and causes of the phobia and how to effectively treat it. With support from psychologists and the lovely Charlotte, a PhD at Cambridge University, the manual was officially launched in 2014 and and went on to become a bestseller. We've now grown into a team of ex-emetophobes and emetophobia experts, so we really know what we're talking about when we say there is nowhere else in the world you need to be if you want to effectively conquer this fear. 


    Emetophobia can be a severe and life-debilitating condition, often affecting every aspect of a sufferer's life. It can be accompanied by other mental health difficulties such as OCD, anxiety, panic attacks and eating disorders, to name a few.

    Because The Thrive Programme for Emetophobia is, you guessed it, based on the main Thrive Programme, you will also learn how to tackle these associated issues, build robust mental health, get your self-esteem soaring and be full of self-confidence (finally!). This is why it's often cited as 'life-changing,' in many of the fantastic testimonials from ex-emetophobes

    We advise getting The Thrive Programme journal as well to support your learning: an 8-week journal you fill in daily, with exercises and prompts to keep you on track as you progress the programme.