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Here are six reasons why you should swap to the online version: 

1. It’s £2.95 cheaper AND you save on the postage!

2. You don’t have to wait - often weeks if you’re outside the UK - for delivery.

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6. It’s much better for the environment!


The Thrive Programme - Learn to love your life

The Thrive Programme is an exciting and empowering mental health programme that teaches people how to take control of their lives and learn to thrive.

Now anyone can learn the vital skills and insights they need to overcome mental health issues, feel more powerful and in-control and love their life.


Thousands of people have experienced the excitement of overcoming
unhelpful beliefs, behaviours and symptoms – and learned to
love their life with the Thrive Programme manual!

“A true game-changer in my opinion, my life really did transform in a magnificent way. I now feel in control of my thoughts and approach life completely differently.”  - Louise G

“I have done a complete u-turn in my thinking about everything that life is!️”