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Collection: Smoking Programme

This is a highly effective method to stop smoking for good, based on The Thrive Programme. In a recent survey, 92.5% of participants stopped smoking quickly and easily.

‘Thrive as a Non-smoker’ has a proven 92.5% success rate. It is THE proven way to give up smoking - easily - for good.

Stop Smoking with the Thrive Programme - The Thrive Programme takes the power out of the cigarette and gives the control back to you, making it easy for you to become a non-smoker.

If you’re on this page we understand that you are already motivated to quit smoking. And you’re probably familiar with the BMA’s statistics that smoking causes over eighty thousand deaths a year. You will have seen the health warnings emblazoned on every packet of cigarettes you buy, and you may well have already tried – and failed – to quit using some form of treatment such as nicotine replacement therapy, patches or electronic cigarettes (vaping). You might have signed up for ‘Stoptober’, the NHS’s drive to help people kick the habit, but so far nothing’s worked for you.

The good news is, the Thrive Programme is a quick, easy and predictable way to give up smoking for good. You might be afraid of cravings, addiction, withdrawal symptoms or weightgain: rest assured that these are all addressed by the Thrive Programme. 'Thrive as a Non-smoker’ allows you say goodbye to bad breath, wheeziness and that pack-a-day habit and start to enjoy so much more from life.

‘Thrive as a non-smoker’ shows you why so much that you’ve been led to believe about smoking cessation is just not true. The programme de-bunks addiction theories, removes fear of withdrawal symptoms and cravings, and makes it so easy for you to become a non-smoker.