The Thrive Programmes for Teenagers

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This is the Teenager's Version of The Thrive Programme, aimed at ages 13-16 year olds.

You can work through the programme in two ways:

  1. Programme with online manual - delivered digitally within 15 mins
  2. Programme with paperback manual - delivered by postal service worldwide

What does the online manual include?

  • The latest digital version of The Thrive Programme Manual for Teenagers
  • Online 12-page TQ Assessment to track your progress 
  • 2 NEW support videos
  • A comprehensive Q&A
  • Accessible across phone/tablet/PC - you've always got it with you!
  • Lifetime updates to the latest version of the programme

What does the paperback manual include?

  • The latest physical version of The Thrive Programme manual for Teenagers
  • Online 12-page TQ Assessment to track your progress

The Thrive Programme is a simple-to-follow yet extremely effective way for you to overcome symptoms and learn to 'thrive'. You will develop: robust foundations; high, stable self-esteem and self-confidence; and be able to make the most of life whilst trusting you can cope when it gets tough. 

This specially adapted version of The Thrive Programme has helped thousands of teenagers facing a wide range of difficulties, including: anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, depression, OCD, social problems, low confidence, school problems and eating disorders - to name a few. 

We believe great mental health is essential for ALL teenagers - we know how hard life can be growing up!! Because the programme teaches you how to build high, stable social confidence, self-esteem and the resilience to cope with life's challenges, it really is helpful for any teenager to work through, and offers a great foundation for the rest of their lives. 

We believe so strongly in the power of good mental health for young people, that we run the highly successful 'Bounce' programme; going into schools and teaching young people to thrive!  

We advise getting The Thrive Programme Journal to support your learning: an 8-week journal you fill in daily, with exercises and prompts to keep you on track as you progress the programme.