The Thrive Programme Online - Pack 2 (Adult)

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NEW for April 2020 - don't wait for the postman, get access to your course straight away...

This is a complete online Thrive Programme course (excluding the book), including:

  • Online TQ Assessment - giving you a full (12 page)breakdown of your unhelpful beliefs, attitudes, biases and thinking styles... the various components that make up our mental health
  • A complete set of - NEW - instructional videos supporting you through every step of the programme. Each video also comes with it's own short quiz so you can test your learning
  • Downloadable resources such as a 'belief wall'
  • Thrive Programme Q and A

---  You can access all the course materials on your phone, tablet and PC ---

This new, complete, stand-alone video course was designed for people who cannot afford/aren't able to go through the programme with a Thrive Consultant.

Rob Kelly has created the course to be the most complete and accessible version of the programme. The videos, featuring Rob, will support you through every chapter of the manual - just as a Thrive Consultant would - and contain EVERYTHING you need to know in order to take control of your mental health, and learn to thrive. You won’t find the videos anywhere elsewhere online, including our social media.

If you already have a copy of the 'thrive' manual, then you can just upgrade to this online course - see here for more details.

---  You will be emailed access within five minutes of purchase ---