The Emetophobia Programme for Children

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Emetophobia-Free: Overcome emetophobia, enjoy great mental health and embrace life with passion, confidence and optimism

This is the complete package to help your child overcome emetophobia.

Package includes:

Teenager's Emetophobia Manual
Adult Emetophobia Manual 

How does it work?

The teenager's manual contains a simple and fun step-by-step process with reading and exercises that enable them to not only beat their phobia but build their confidence and self-esteem. Work through it with your child and they'll soon be over their phobia and enjoying life again!

As a significant adult in their life, you will need to read the adult manual first before working through the young person's manual with your child. It's important you fully understand Thrive so you can help them in the best way possible, through reinforcing concepts with them on a daily basis and knowing how to handle any blips. We've designed it to be a simple (and enjoyable!) 6-12 week process - no pseudoscience or psychobabble here!

As an example, your child has a wobble in week 2 of the manual and is afraid of going to school because there's a bug going around. Because you've already worked through the manual yourself, you know exactly why they're having this wobble and how you can calm them down so they're able to get to school, and stay in school for the day, without feeling so anxious.

This package contains everything you need to get your child emetophobia free and loving life. Follow the process in full and your child will be over their emetophobia. It's an exciting process, we can't wait for you to get started!  

If your child is 13+, please see our collection for teenagers