Emetophobia Online Support Package

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This cure your emetophobia package comes with everything you're going to need to support you though the process of curing yourself.

Here is what's included:
This package is for those that already have a copy of my CURE YOUR emetophobia book. Remember this is the only programme dedicated to curing emetophobia. Follow my programme and you will cure yourself like the thousands of others before you. The online support package has been put together to keep you on track, it supports you every step of the way.

Access to my restricted website area, (normally only reserved for myVIPclients). Here you will have EXCLUSIVITY as I walk you through by the hand with
my video training. Together we will be going over each module so that you remain on track. If at any point you’re feeling stuck, this will pick you up and keep you going.. Hint..This one change generally speeds up your transition time by 200%!

You will receive in digital format the “how to manual”. You can print this off if you wish or access it from your membership portal. Use this as your journal, it will guide you through the process.

You will have RESTRICTED ACCESS TO ME or one of my highly trained coaches once a month. That’s right! Each and every month myself or one of my most trusted coaches will be making themselves available to you. You will receive restricted access to my monthly VIP webinar. There we will share more tips and strategies that will speed up the process while being your supporting arm.

Take The Test
While many emetophobes have the same characteristics, we're all very much unique. After completing my 'Thriving' quiz, you'll very quickly be able to define the exact areas where you're excelling through life and the problem areas that are holding you back. On completing this programme, we will have you thriving, that I guarantee! This optional quiz will provide you with day to day feedback where you can see for yourself the progress that you're making. It once again will keep you on track and guide you through the process.

This quiz is following 30 years of analysing human behaviour, while not essential to your success, it will keep you on track and prove to you over and over that it's working! 

Your report will explain how the scores are calculated and discuss exactly what they mean in relation to THRIVING!

If you’re struggling in any way to get through this programme, this will be the difference to getting you over the line. This one step has been a GAME CHANGER for many of my students and it will ensure you REMAIN CURED FOREVER! If you find yourself slipping into old habits, this is the boost you’ll need to get you back on track. This is also an unlimited supply, we have thousands coming through our programme on a monthly basis and we’re here to support you every step of the way. 

Please Note: This package does not include the main Emetophobia book. It's designed for those that have a physical copy of the book already. If you don't yet have the book, CLICK HERE: