The Emetophobia Programme for Adults

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Our step-by-step specialist programme for Adults (age16+) with a fear of vomiting or seeing others vomit (emetophobia), enabling them to overcome their fear and live life emetophobia-free.

Emetophobia-Free is a 6-8 week, step-by-step programme with easy-to-follow daily exercises to help you overcome your fear of being sick and regain control over your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

How will it help me?

Our programme is based on 30+ years clinical experience, an in-depth knowledge of all the available research on emetophobia and the latest insights from the field of  neuroscience. We also have data, feedback and testimonials from some of the 20,000+ people who have already successfully overcome their emetophobia using this programme. Our knowledge-base develops deeper every month as we continually gather more and more data from the hundreds of sufferers currently undergoing the programme. Due to our ever-expanding understanding of emetophobia - and its causes - our programme is updated on a regular basis.


Support and explainer videos included



Every version of the emetophobia programme comes with a suite of explainer videos to help understand and embed the contents, as well as provide advice and support on how to overcome hurdles and set-backs




The programme includes unique insights into emetophobia, and an in-depth understanding of the particular fears and struggles people with emetophobia face, such as:

  • Being hypervigilant about what and when they eat
  • Worrying all the time about being sick
  • Constantly body-scanning and worrying about how they feel
  • Suffering low self-esteem and high social anxiety
  • Being rigid and over-controlling their activities
  • Struggling to manage anxiety at work, or avoiding it completely
  • Obsessive actions such as: checking, counting, hand-washing
  • Worry what their friends and peers think of them
  • Not eating enough or limiting what they eat
  • Co-morbid symptoms such as: eating disorders, OCD and anxiety

Our programme gently enables sufferers to overcome these worries and grow mentally and emotionally stronger each day, without the need for exposure therapy, having to give away their control, or creating unnecessary stress or anxiety. 

Your confidence, self-efficacy and general mental health is going to start growing rapidly from the moment you start the programme, and you will build an arsenal of coping skills that will empower you for the rest of your life.

Most sufferers feel pretty powerless and helpless about their ability to overcome their phobia - but don't worry, our programme takes that into account and is inspiring, easy-to-understand and empowering from day one. Have a look at these testimonials:

Men who have overcome emetophobia with this programme

Women who have overcome emetophobia with this programme

There are three versions of this unique intervention for Emetophobia:
1. The Emetophobia Programme with Online Manual
2. The Emetophobia Programme with a Paper Manual
3. The Enhanced Emetophobia Programme (with Online Manual)

All come with:

  • The latest version of the Emetophobia-Free Manual (either Online or Paperback)
  • Our unique Thrive Assessment Quizzes and 12 page report - so you can track your progress through the programme and focus on the most important areas
  • A series of support emails containing guidance, insights and motivation
  • 10 support/explainer videos to help understand and embed the programme content
  • A full Q and A
  • Email support from HQ

The Enhanced version comes with an extra 16 support videos covering every stage of your journey and any hurdles you might face

We recommend the online version of the programme (as opposed to having the paper manual) because:

  • You get immediate access to the programme - can start straight away - and you don't have to wait for your manual in the post
  • You can work through the programme on your smartphone, ipad, laptop and desktop - at the same time
  • It's easier to use as everything is in one place (manual, support etc)
  • The online manual is the most up to date version
  • You get free updates for life
  • Its £10 cheaper than the paper version
  • It's more environmentally friendly

With all of our programmes you have 14 days to change your mind and receive a full, immediate refund.

*formerly called 'Cure Your Emetophobia and Thrive'

Why The Thrive Programme for Emetophobia?

Our goal is for you to overcome your fear and start living the life you want - without feeling anxious all the time about vomiting or seeing someone else vomit.

The step-by-step program tackles the causes of your phobia, meaning you'll be getting better just by reading the book and doing the exercises! We've helped over 20,000 emetophobes overcome their fears with this method since 2014.

We advise getting The Thrive Programme journal as well to support your learning: an 8-week journal you fill in daily, with exercises and prompts to keep you on track as you progress the programme.